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[14 Jul 2015|11:47pm]
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[17 Jul 2014|11:19pm]

[09 Nov 2012|10:58am]
So.... um, I might be having a small problem lately. It seems my Arithmamancy grades are a little below where I'd like them Ok, a whole lot below I was wondering if anyone would be willing to tutor me in it? I'm more than happy to trade for Herbology or find some other way of payment.

[07 Jul 2012|09:03pm]
I've gotta say that I'm so glad that I managed to convince my father that trying to win Miss Serenity this year wasn't a very good idea. Next year I can try and there'll be a greater chance of winning.... or you know, thinking of a better way to get out of it by then. Beauty pageants aren't really my thing.

[Private to Sam.]

Hey, are you planning on going to the Founder's week festival?

[Private to Hunter]

Hey. I haven't seen you ver much. I miss being around you...

[18 Jun 2012|08:13pm]
I am so glad for testing to finally be over! I miss my vacation already and I'll be glad to go back to it tomorrow. Being here in DC though was an awful lot of fun. I got to visit my parents and enjoy all the sites with my friends. I'll be glad to be sleeping in my own bed again.

Etta! We need to have ginger adventures throughout the summer. Maybe you can come over to our house sometime. It would be a lot of fun to have you over!


[private to Hunter]

I'm ready to go home and sleep all day, how about you?

Private to Hunter: [14 Jun 2012|03:15pm]
It's time for another ginger outing! We're meeting up by the fountain.

[31 May 2012|01:35am]
So I have to ask, is there anyone else excited about going to Washington for our final exams? Anyone? I might be one of the only ones, but I have my reasons. Washington means seeing father and mother again for a bit, which should be a great way to start off Fawn and friend's epic summer of awesome! Hunter, you're a part of that weither you want to be or not.

First thing in our epic summer of awesome is to join the quidditch team. Mercedes, I heard that there might still be a chaser spot open. Please tell me I can try for it? I've been practicing quite a bit and I think I can handle it this time!

[Private to Hunter]

So I gotta say that these journals are amazing. You know what's even more amazing? Being able to sit here right next to you and write something you can read! HI!!!!

.... Ok I think I have that out of my system.

[28 May 2012|09:03pm]

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